An Updated Overview On Key Elements Of Business Financing

Convercent developed cloud-based software that keeps tracks of things a companys executives and employees may sometimes forget. Who says venture funding is slowing down in Colorado? Not the folks at Denver-based Convercent, which just added another $10 million on Friday eight months after getting $11 million from the same investors. The company, which offers online tools to help firms stay in compliance with new regulations, had an exceptional year in 2016, saidDoug Higgins, managing director at Sapphire Ventures, which first invested in Convercent in October 2013 during the Series B round of $10 million. We believe no other company enables enterprises to operationalize ethics and compliance programs with such depth and impact, Higgins said in a statement. Many global brands already trust Convercent to power company-wide initiatives. As more companies put ethics and compliance at the top of the corporate agenda, we feel theres a tremendous opportunity for Convercent to lead the way. 2016 was an exceptional year for Convercent as it responded to market demand. We believe now is the time to invest further to take advantage of this market and fuel more growth. Fridays round was Series D. To date, Convercent has raised $47 million from investors.

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